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A unique flavor is added to the final blend to enhance the subtle and piquant aroma.Notes: Pure shade grown Virginias, very soft smoking, particularly recommended in cases of delicate throat.The tobacco spice upon lighting, and the powerful dose of nicotine will cross the eyes and blurr the vision of newbies!If you enjoy true tobacco taste (the virginia base is excellent) then you will enjoy this powerful blend.I had heard that JR was selling the new EU made Dunhill tobaccos and I wanted to compare some of them to the Murray's version that I have become so accustomed to.Naturally, Royal Yacht was my first foray into the world of Orlik produced Dunnie weed. First of all, the five pack game in a cardboard bottom cover wrapped in plastic.It can be smoked all day with no fatigue or tongue bite. (Update 9/24/03) I most certainly am enjoying all of the recent reviews of Royal Yacht (Nectar of the Gods!) I smoke about four 50g tins of this tobacco a month.

Once properly aged, I think I may actually appreciate this morfed Royal Yacht more than the Murray's version because the taste is not quite as heavy and the casing has been applied a bit more delicately. And I will be interested to hear from those of you who regularly enjoy other Dunhill offerings to get your impressions of the taste change (if any) you have discovered.

Although I was always flunking math in high school and college, I do believe that adds up to about 48 tins per year.

And it is delicious with just about any drink (save milk, perhaps).

The leaf is darker in appearance than the Murray's version and appeared well aged.

The smell in the tin is A LOT DIFFERENT, not nearly as deep and rich and actually "smelled cased" if that makes sense. I was pleased to see that the new blender is not soaking Royal Yacht in water as Murray's had over the last few years.

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It has an outstanding tin note, slightly sweet, but with hints of raisin and fall leaves. It also seemed to have just the right moisture content with no apparent drying necessary.