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ALEC purports to “support the use of sound science to guide policy,” but routinely provides a one-sided platform for climate contrarians.

BHI has publicly acknowledged its Koch funding [21], which likely includes at least some of the approximately 5,000 the Charles G. ALEC Dishes up Some Hard to Swallow Spin with the Heartland Institute.

[49] Heritage received more than .5 million from Koch foundations from 1997-2011.

[50] Exxon Mobil contributed 0,000 to the Heritage Foundation from 2001-2012.

[33] One CEI scholar even publicly compared a prominent climate scientist to convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky.

[34] CEI received around million in funding from Exxon Mobil from 1995-2005 [35], though Exxon Mobil made a public break with CEI in 2007 after coming under scrutiny from UCS and other groups for its funding of climate contrarian organizations.

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[1] For years, AEI played a role in propagating misinformation about a manufactured controversy over emails stolen from climate scientists [2], with one AEI research fellow even claiming, “There was no consensus about the extent and causes of global warming.” [3] A resident scholar at AEI went so far as to state that the profession of climate scientist “threatens to overtake all” on the list of “most distrusted occupations.” [4] AEI received $3,615,000 from Exxon Mobil from 1998-2012 [5], and more than $1 million in funding from Koch foundations from 2004-2011.

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