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It is a very useful book for students and scholars alike. This is a well-produced volume from beginning to end.includes a historical introduction to the texts and language, a sketch of the grammar of Ugaritic, a bibliography, hand-copies of many texts, and a glossary and text concordance—everything a student needs to study this fascinating language. The diligent labor of two senior scholars over nearly three decades has produced an extremely useful grammar and chrestomathy of Ugaritic, now available in English at a competitive price.Moshavi’s study investigates word order in the finite nonsubordinate clause in classical biblical Hebrew.A common marked construction in this type of clause is the preposing construction, in which a subject, object, or adverb is placed before the verb.It has now been translated from modern Hebrew, thoroughly revised, and updated; it distills a lifetime of knowledge on the topic.The introduction locates biblical Hebrew in the Semitic family of languages.

The Linguistic Studies in Ancient West Semitic Series integrates into your personal digital library, allowing you to cross-reference with other dictionaries and resources you own.

This meticulous yet approachable study will be useful both to students of biblical Hebrew and to people studying general syntax, especially those interested in the connection between linguistic form and pragmatic meaning.

Moshavi deftly combines an interdisciplinary approach with a clearly-defined focus, and this combination represents one of the book’s greatest strengths.

Moshavi formally distinguishes preposing from other marked and unmarked constructions and explores the distribution of these constructions in biblical Hebrew.

She carries out a contextual analysis of preposed clauses in sample passages to demonstrate how to determine the pragmatic functions that preposing may express.

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