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Situacao eleitoral online dating

Support like tractors, fertiliser or pesticides is generally not available.

Forty-seven year old Machava, grows vegetables, oranges and mangoes, as well as raises chickens and ducks for sale in local markets and to neighbours and friends.

It is what we call a 'shadow report', in which we collect perceptions and oral testimonies from ordinary citizens.

Unlike government reports which rely on statistics and are mere quantitative, our reports are qualitative," says Erasmo Mabunda from Organic Agriculture, Biodiversity and Sustainable Development, an NGO advocating the progress on millennium development goals in Mozambique.

Maputo — Antonio Machava is standing by the gate of his farm listening to election campaigners.

The group of young people says their party will fight for a law to protect small farmers and create conditions for them to prosper."They always say that," says Machava.

This type of farming is characterised by reliance on family labour and low levels of mechanisation.According to official reports, the number of people living in hunger has fallen from about a million in 2004 to 120,000 in 2009.The government hopes to increase by production of cereals by 17 percent this year, thanks to its Food Production Action Plan."Our green revolution has been very successful so far," explains Edmundo Galiza Matos Jr, a parliamentary candidate for the ruling Frelimo (Mozambican Liberation Front)."Our next step is to ensure that farmers have access to mechanised means of production.Official reports suggest that Mozambique has achieved significant goals on poverty reduction, with the number living in absolute poverty dropping from 54 percent in 2003 to 45 percent by 2009."But ordinary people don't see those numbers represented in their life," argues Mabunda. The basic food basquet is each day, more expensive and less satisfying. the answer will be 'no.'"Farmers like Antonio Machava have not been able to benefit from the government's Local Initiative Investment Budget."I tried to apply for the fund but unfortunately there was very little information at my district administration.I wanted the money to buy fertilisers but the process seemed too complicated and I gave it up... Maybe I can apply again next year," Machava explained.

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We teach them easy methods to enrich the soil, and how to carry over the surplus from one harvest to a later moments of crisis or lower productivity," explains Mabunda."If each one of us in our own vegetable gardens, plants a tree or some vegetables, we will all be contributing to reduce hunger.

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